Year: 2013

Achievement Brief: Recipient of HOBA 2013 Award

Ramlogan entered Hillview College during the period 1959-1964. Ramlogan was well known in the field of sport for his fiery pace bowling. He was a game changer and was instrumental in several of the Cricket Team's victories during his stay at the College.

Ramlogan boasts of having three sons who all graduated from Hillview College and went on to excel at University.

The name Ramlogan Mahabir is well known and respected in the field of education. He has spent over 50 years moulding and preparing young minds for the secondary entrance examinations (SEA), 100's of whom have graduated from Hillview College.

Ramlogan continues to support his Alma Mater, and had this to say when he received his award, " Now you know why this award is so special. Tonight constitutes an unforgettable chapter in the book of memories of Hillview College that I take with me wherever I go.
Long Live my alma mater.